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QUESTION: Should job seekers turn on LinkedIn’s creator mode? What are the benefits?

Paul Bennett, NOVA Career Strategies

Yes! On LinkedIn, content drives engagement and engagement drives visibility to people like hiring managers and recruiters. Creator mode makes it easy for job seekers to feature the content of their choosing, and it makes it easy for profile visitors to view that content. So if a job seeker can switch on creator mode (it isn’t yet available to all users) then I highly recommend they do so!

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

The jury is still out on the benefits of this feature, so instead, I recommend: fully optimize your profile, leading with a strong, branded headline and engaging About section. Expand your network and connect with recruiters to begin the conversation about your candidacy. One of the best things job seekers can do is record their Cover Story to provide insights into their personal brand and value.

Teegan Bartos, Jolt Your Career

If a job seeker creates content on LinkedIn then the benefit of turning creator mode on is their last 5 posts would be featured in the activity section vs any likes or comments on other people’s posts. It also gives the person the opportunity to pick hashtags that represents their professional brand. If a job seeker is not active with content creation then I would not recommend it.

Denise Bitler, Resume-Interview Success, LLC

​”Creator mode is a definite if you post original content and interact with your network frequently.
🔸Allows you to select up to 5 hashtags for your most common post topics–#’s appear under your Headline
🔸Moves your Activity section above your About section
🔸Shows your original posts on your landing page – great if you post original content
🔸Changes your button from “”Connect”” to “”Follow”””

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