What’s the key to writing good accomplishments on my resume?

QUESTION: I’m pretty nervous about social media. Do I really need a LinkedIn profile?


Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

Google yourself and you’ll realize there’s already information online about you. Why not control the narrative? Your LinkedIn profile offers a great opportunity to outline your career steps, leadership skills, educational background, and achievements in your own words (with as much or little detail as you prefer). Best of all, it helps employers recruit you and colleagues network with you.

Camille Roberts, CC Career Solutions

It depends on what your career goals are and what you are applying for. There are numerous strategies for just about everything. I work with clients in intelligence who rarely have a photo or a complete LinkedIn profile but I teach how to leverage LI to work. For clients who are nervous, typically, they just need a strategic consultation to discover how they can leverage their situation. HTH

Jessica Visek

I understand that social media can be intimidating, but having a LinkedIn profile is crucial in today’s professional landscape. LinkedIn is a platform designed specifically for professional networking and job searching. It allows you to showcase your skills, experience, and accomplishments to potential employers and recruiters.

Teegan Bartos, Jolt Your Career

If you want recruiters coming to you while you sleep, then create a LinkedIn profile! If you want access to decision makers at your dream companies, then create a LinkedIn profile! If you want to find former colleagues, alumni, and friends who could potentially be a referral and skyrocket your candidacy, create a LinkedIn profile and use it 😉

Laura Fontenot, Masterwork Resumes

LinkedIn has become the #1 way to network and be found online when it comes to the job search. Almost everyone needs a profile, even if you keep it somewhat basic. Focus on uploading a nice picture and filling out your Headline, About, Experience, and Skills sections. A good profile can help make the difference when your resume goes up against others with similar backgrounds!


Thomas Powner, Career Thinker, Inc.

Yes and no. LinkedIn (LI) is a form of social media; specifically caters to the professional aspect of your life. It serves as a digital platform for your career and a tool for companies to discover candidates. Companies are using LI to initiate conversations and explore new talent. Think of LI as an amplified version of your resume, offering more space to tell your professional story.

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