I’ve targeted a company I really want to work for, so I’m applying for multiple jobs. Is that okay? Do I have to use the same resume or should I change it each time?

QUESTION: I’m targeting multiple roles; how should I create my LinkedIn profile to attract recruiters?


Jennifer Gruwald, University of Connecticut

Use keywords that overlap for each of the roles you are targeting. Ensure that you tell a story in your LinkedIn; this is not about providing a life and work history. It entails showcasing your talents, accomplishments, and interests through storytelling while integrating strong keywords that are searchable by recruiters. You will need to research and explore requirements of each role.

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

Keywords are king when attracting attention to your LinkedIn profile, so focus on a primary target and build your headline with those keywords. Select different job titles from the Open to Work feature to show recruiters what positions you are interested in. Use the About section to share what other roles you are a good match for and choose skills aligned with your specific targets.

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

LinkedIn assigns a generic “headline” that mirrors your most recent job title. You are allowed to replace that with a detailed headline that you can feature on your profile. The headline is a prominent factor in search algorithms used by recruiters and others to seek talent. In the headline, as well as elsewhere within your LinkedIn profile, you can address the multiple roles you wish to target.

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