As I job search, how concerned must I be about having tattoos and piercings in today’s market? Should I hide them or present myself as who I am?

QUESTION: I know that LinkedIn is a great social media tool for job searching, but are there other platforms that might be practical to attract recruiters?


Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

LinkedIn is increasingly seen as a primary tool for jobseekers. Most users who are pursuing new job opportunities via LinkedIn are using only a fraction of its capabilities. Contact a career coach or do online research to uncover the many strategies that are available to you via LinkedIn. That being said, Indeed, Glassdoor, Getwork, ZipRecruiter, and (federal jobs) can also be helpful.

Scott Gardner, Vitae Express

Absolutely! While LinkedIn is indeed a powerhouse for professional networking and job searching, several other platforms can also be effective. For instance platforms like Behance and Dribbble are essential for creatives to showcase portfolios. GitHub is a go-to for tech professionals to display coding projects. Engage in industry-specific forums or community sites too. The key is to be active.

Jaime Chambron , Career Agility System

There are many niche sites by level and function that some recruiters leverage (Above Board, Experteer, Ladders, to name a few), and recruiters will still use their own websites. Instead, leverage the Google job search interface and set up an alert that provides job postings from across the web (type Jobs in the search bar to uncover the job search interface).​

Jessica Visek

LinkedIn is key for job hunting, but other platforms like X(formerly Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram also offer opportunities. For creatives, Behance and Dribbble are ideal; tech pros can turn to GitHub and Stack Overflow. AngelList targets startups, Glassdoor provides job listings and insights, and Reddit hosts job-focused subreddits. Ensure a polished profile and engage actively.

Sara C. Timm,

Use a niche job board! One specializing in listings within your specific industry or profession. A niche job board will provide a curated selection of opportunities aligned with your expertise and career goals. Niche job boards also attract employers who value specialized skills, increasing your likelihood of finding a match.

Arno Markus, iCareerSolutions

Besides LinkedIn, platforms like Twitter, Instagram, GitHub, and industry-specific networks can also attract recruiters. Slack is not just for workplace communication. Many industries have Slack communities where professionals gather to discuss trends, job opportunities, and collaborate on projects. It’s a goldmine for networking.

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