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Are you a job seeker looking to maximize your odds of landing that dream role? Are you a new resume writer still learning about best practices? Are you a seasoned pro looking for a reliable, no-cost resource to pass along to your clients to help them navigate the complexities of the modern job search?

No matter what your needs, the National Résumé Writers’ Association (NRWA) can help!

To help you stay up to date, the NRWA has pulled together the best advice from leading career experts into a new e-book, Career Tips for Job Search Success. Whether you want to learn the best way to present an employment gap on your resume, dress for success at a job interview, or use LinkedIn to expand your professional network, our e-book covers it all.

Drawing on the expertise of leading resume writers to answer the most pressing job search questions, the e-book contains our top career advice from 2021, compiled monthly from the Q&As on our “Ask the Experts” webpage. All contributors – many of them credentialed as Nationally Certified Resume Writers (NCRW) and Nationally Certified Online Profile Experts (NCOPE) – bring professional experience working directly with job seekers to help solve real-life job search challenges.

Each year, a new e-book will be published with a fresh collection of advice to help job seekers put their best foot forward in the competitive job market. There is even a directory of contributors with contact information so individuals can connect directly with a NRWA resume expert and learn about the benefits of working with a professional to create effective career marketing documents.

Download the book now and tell us what you think… and, if you’re a professional resume writer, be sure to participate by answering questions from job seekers (must be a current member of the NRWA to contribute). All selected contributors earn a Contributor Badge to display on their website, email signature block, and any other marketing materials, as well as having their name and contact information listed in the e-book every year.


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