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If you are looking for more information on how to write a great resume – or to get an expert to help you with yours – you've come to the right place! This site was created by the National Resume Writers' Association (NRWA), a US-based nonprofit association with members from around the world who are dedicated to learning about and providing expertise in resume writing to all job seekers.

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Are you a job seeker looking to land that dream role? A resume writer still learning about best practices? Or a seasoned pro seeking a reliable, no-cost resource to help your clients navigate the complexities of the modern job search? No matter what your needs are, we can help. The NRWA has pulled together the best advice from leading career experts and created a new e-book, Career Tips for Job Search Success. Download it for free now.

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The NRWA is a volunteer, member-driven nonprofit organization. Established in 1997, we have led the charge to drive excellence in resume writing through commitment to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. The NRWA continues to expand globally, with member experts in diverse industries, professions, and careers.

The resume experts at the NRWA are committed to ongoing professional development utilizing industry-leading webinars, training programs, resources, and conferences. This allows NRWA professionals to stay abreast of changes in the careers industry to best serve you—our clients and business partners.

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Why Partner with Resume Experts at the National Resume Writers’ Association?

The qualifications of a “professional resume writer” can vary greatly – along with the services and quality provided. NRWA members are true resume experts committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards. The resume experts at the NRWA stay abreast of changes in the resume writing industry and are committed to your success. You can be confident partnering with a trusted NRWA resume expert to develop a strategy for achieving your career goals.

Learn About the Nationally Certified Resume Writer Credential

The NRWA offers a certification program to recognize writers who demonstrate the highest standards of excellence. The Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW) distinction validates that a career professional meets stringent standards for quality.


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Storytelling for Resumes

Storytelling for Resumes

QUESTION: I’ve always been told that a resume isn’t a venue for me to tell my life’s story; that makes sense, but now I’m hearing that I shouldn’t shy away from telling my story. What should I believe?A resume is a summary of your relevant accomplishments: those that...

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Do I tell them I was fired?

Do I tell them I was fired?

QUESTION: I’ve been fired from my last 2 jobs. How do hide this from prospective employers – or can I?On a resume you do not state why you have left a job so when a prospective employer reads your resume they do not know why you left. However, if you are asked in an...

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Finding Time to Job Search

Finding Time to Job Search

QUESTION: I am currently managing a family and working 50+ hours per week (thus the job search), how do I efficiently squeeze a job search into my already overcrowded schedule? Search with PURPOSE! A targeted hour of search is better than 5 hours of sending...

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A QR Code for my Resume?

A QR Code for my Resume?

QUESTION: I just saw a QR code on a resume. Should I be adding that—and for what purpose?Adding a QR (Quick Response) code to your résumé enables whoever reads the document to quickly and easily access your online content. QR codes say you’re “tech-savvy”, and they...

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