I’ve targeted a company I really want to work for, so I’m applying for multiple jobs. Is that okay? Do I have to use the same resume or should I change it each time?

QUESTION: Is it wise to accept connections from everyone who contacts me on LinkedIn?

Kelli Thomason

Do you share your contact details with every person in attendance at a networking event? Or, are you more selective? What’s the goal of being on LinkedIn? Define your goals and act accordingly. LinkedIn encourages connecting with those you know and trust. If you receive a request from a stranger, consider how you can add value to each other’s networks before automatically accepting an invite.

Camille Roberts, CC Career Solutions

Yes/No. I’m all for meeting new people. Review their profile. Do they have a photo? Is their profile complete so you can get a sense of who they are? Do they have testimonials? Do they have connections in common with you? It’s easy to do some due diligence before you connect if you have concerns. Remember, your 2nd & 3rd level connections are important so it might be worth the connection.

Amber Barney

No— but it’s not a 100% foolish move, either. Rather than blindly accepting every request, be purposeful and assess the value you might offer each other, potential areas for an authentic connection, and their intentions. While a diverse and vast network is a wonderful thing to have, a cluttered network full of people trying to sell you products you don’t need or can do more harm than good.

Angela Watts, MyPro Resumes

What is your goal? LinkedIn is a tool for cultivating a professional network. If a large network of random connections meets your needs, then it’s fine to accept every request. If you prefer a carefully curated network of known resources, you will want to be more selective. As your network grows, you will have access to more hiring authorities, so there are advantages to accepting more requests.

Casie Dingwell, Opening Doors Resume & Writing Services

LinkedIn is great for networking, but I wouldn’t recommend connecting with absolutely everyone who contacts you. I would consider connections that are most aligned with your professional goals, such as recruiters in your target field, personnel at an ideal organization, those with similar titles, and people you know.

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

Not everyone who contacts you on LinkedIn is appropriate to enhance your network. Be open to connecting with people you don’t know in industries other than your own, but think strategically about whom you let in. The goal is quality, not quantity. Consider what your goals are for your growing your network and make decisions on an individual basis as to the value they can offer you and you to them.

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