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QUESTION: Which LinkedIn privacy settings are important for me to consider when job hunting?

Kate Williamson, Scientech Resumes

1) Turn OFF ‘Share profile updates with your network’ to prevent your connections from getting notified of profile changes;
2) Turn ON ‘Signal your interest to recruiters at companies you have created job alerts for’ to improve your visibility in being found by recruiters;
3) Set your ‘Profile viewing options’ to your name and headline to gather leads on people who view your profile.

Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

Under “Job seeking preferences,” you can save data submitted when applying to jobs, signal your interest to recruiters, and disallow others to use your Profile content in Word’s Resume Assistant. However, in “Visibility,” you should reveal your last name and Profile discoverability off LinkedIn but turn off profile update sharing so your current employer won’t catch wind of your job search. 

Anne Barnwell,

If recruiters can’t find you, they can’t connect with you! Start with your public profile settings. Create a custom URL, turn on your profile to be viewed by “All LinkedIn members” or “Public” and show all content. Then check visibility and communication settings. Make it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to view your experience and contact you directly.

Nancy Hedrick, The Professional Edge Résumé & Business Services; AKA: The Professional Edge

In the Visibility section of your LinkedIn profile turn off “Share profile updates with your network,” if you have updated your profile. Also in the Data Privacy section, turn off “Sharing your profile when you click apply” and “Signal your interest to recruiters at companies you’ve created job alerts for.” Finally, do not complete or include the “Open to Work” badge on your profile.

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