How much should I disclose about an old DUI (more than twenty years) to a prospective employer?

QUESTION: Should I use the public “Open to Work” graphic on my LinkedIn profile photo?

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

When openly searching for a new job, marketing your value versus your unemployment status will strengthen your candidacy to land the job you desire. Instead of turning on the OTW graphic, craft a branded, keyword-rich headline and optimize all sections of your profile to attract recruiter attention. Concentrate on building your network and targeting companies you want to work for.

Gayle Draper, Intentional Careers and Human Resources

Open to Work may benefit you but before implementing that option, ensure your profile is robust, use the power of LinkedIn for intentional networking to source unposted and posted opportunities. Help recruiters find you by optimizing your SEO by adding keywords in the job titles, headline sections, and skills section. Provide testimonials to others and take a pay it forward approach with others.

Edward Lawrence, Getstarted LLC

Yes, but set the graphic to be visible only to recruiters. Some employers prefer to hire already-employed people, but recruiters are more focused on your skill set than your employment status. There are over 9 million vacant jobs, and around 4 million people have left the workforce. Take advantage of every tool and opportunity to let people know you are available for the right opportunity.

Virginia Franco, Virginia Franco Resumes

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to “Open to Work.” I’m a fan of A/B testing — which means to put it up for a week and then take it down. Measure the difference in your activity and decide for yourself!

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

Although this is a personal decision with many possible exceptions, my general advice as a career coach is against placing “Open to Work” on your profile. My clients selecting “Open to Work” have seen poor results, which I attribute to broadcasting an aura of desperation and weakness. One of the golden rules in navigating today’s job search process is to display confidence and strength.

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