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QUESTION: I’ve heard of an ATS resume, an infographic resume, a targeted resume, and a networking resume – what’s the difference? Do I need all of them to apply for jobs?


Mary Jo King, Alliance Résumé & Writing Service

One resume is enough, provided it is targeted to the job you want, formatted simply for ATS systems, and designed for the way humans process documents–who are scanning, not reading. Infographic resumes are for social media and networking resumes are one-page summaries, but neither provides the detail necessary for multipurpose use. ALL resumes should be targeted to the audience, digital or human.

Cheryl Minnick, University of Montana

Resumes are most successful when targeted to industries or roles via keywords, credentials, and experience, and when ATS-compliant for online application. One concise, targeted resume can do it all and bring eye-appealing flair of an infographic with color, lines, shading, call-out boxes, graphs, and shapes like ROAR resumes featured on the NRWA website. Just tailor the resume for each job.

Nancy Grant, Regional Career & Employment Services

Having a resume that you can use in multiple circumstances is great but there is no “one size fits all”. ATS makes is easy to complete a computerized application, while a networking one is meant to be seen in person and should be visually appealing. Targeting a resume is ideal for that job you really want and an infographic might be more appealing in only certain circumstances.

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