How should my U.S. resume and cover letter differ if I decide to apply for jobs overseas?

QUESTION: I just saw a QR code on a resume. Should I be adding that—and for what purpose?

Paul Bennett, NOVA Career Strategies

Adding a QR (Quick Response) code to your résumé enables whoever reads the document to quickly and easily access your online content. QR codes say you’re “tech-savvy”, and they can direct people to a single page (such as your personal website or LinkedIn profile) or, for maximum leverage, to your own page on LinkTree or, where you can provide a virtually unlimited number of resources.

Lisa Dupras, Elev8 Career Coaching

I would not add a QR code to a resume sent through an ATS, as it would probably have trouble parsing the information into something readable. I would consider adding a QR code to a physical resume. It would need to be tastefully incorporated into the overall resume design and linked to something valuable to the interview, such as a design portfolio or a GitHub repository of programming projects.

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

QR codes are a fast and easy way to help direct the reader of your resume to additional resources or content you want to share with them to enhance your career story. QR codes can be created for LinkedIn profiles, websites, diverse media content, and can be modified to coordinate with your branding colors. QR codes can be a great complement to your resume to distinguish your candidacy.

Kate Williamson, Scientech Resumes

QR codes can be inefficient since it forces Hiring Managers to hunt for details you could include on your resume. That said, it depends on your audience and how you use it. A QR code that links to relevant content, like an online portfolio, can differentiate you if you’re targeting a tech start-up. However, you may want to avoid this approach in more traditional industries like finance.

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