I will have my MBA completed shortly and want to start now to leverage the degree for a higher-level position with significantly higher pay. How do I present this on my resume?

QUESTION: I will have my MBA completed shortly and want to start now to leverage the degree for a higher-level position with significantly higher pay. How do I present this on my resume?


Sarah Vallieu, Evergreen Career Services

Saraj Vallieu Absolutely! I recommend this as a best practice if you are within 12 months of degree completion. List your degree name, followed by the name of the university then in parenthesis, the anticipated graduation date. An example would look like this: Master of Business Administration, University of Washington, (Anticipated Graduation June 2024).     

Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, Feather Communications

If you are completing your MBA within the next six months to one year, then mention it in your summary statement near the top of your resume. Reference yourself as either an MBA Candidate or mention the degree with the expected graduation date (month and year) in parentheses. By including this information immediately at the top, you are already starting to leverage the degree.

Cheryl Minnick, University of Montana

Honestly. The MBA could be included in EDUCATION or the career summary section with the “expected” month and year of graduation. For instance: Master of Business Administration (MBA), University of Montana, Missoula, MT, expected May 2024. Note: one becomes a master of business administration, but one holds (owns) a master’s degree (with a possessive apostrophe).

Jessica Visek

To highlight your upcoming MBA on your resume, include it in the ‘Education’ section as: “MBA, [Institution Name], Expected [Completion Date].” In your summary, note: “Seasoned professional nearing MBA completion.” Feature pertinent MBA projects in “Academic Achievements.” Accentuate skills acquired from your MBA and elaborate on its significance in your cover letter.

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

It is perfectly acceptable to place the MBA degree on your resume, as long as you insert “anticipated graduation, Dec. 2024” or similar wording to show your expected date of graduation. While course names are rarely listed for undergraduate degrees, listing the MBA courses can be useful, room permitting. If your GPA is above 3.2, you can add it, as well as any clubs, societies, or scholarships.

Nancy Grant, Regional Career & Employment Services

Congratulations! You should be proud to share this accomplishment and use it to gain momentum in your career. Update your resume immediately to reflect your degree by showing an anticipated graduation date. You should also highlight any relevant achievements on your job that show leadership and your new competencies. Lastly, stay connected and network with your cohort for potential opportunities.

Carol Adams, Ideal Resumes, LLC

First, refer to it in your professional profile at the top of your resume. You could write something like: “Currently completing an MBA with a focus in finance.” Second, add it to your education section like this:
“Pursuing MBA in Finance | University Name | City, ST | Expected 5/2024.”
These two additions make it clear to potential employers that you will soon have the degree.

Scott Gardner, Vitae Express

On your resume, prominently feature your impending MBA graduation by appending “MBA Candidate” or “MBA (Expected [Month, Year])” next to your name in the header. In the education section, detail your MBA program, emphasizing any relevant courses or projects that align with your targeted role. Incorporate this newfound knowledge and expertise into your professional summary, showcasing how your MBA.

Arno Markus, iCareerSolutions

To showcase it on your resume, create a dedicated “Education” section, listing the degree, expected graduation date, and the institution. Highlight relevant coursework or achievements. Also, consider mentioning it in your summary or objective statement to emphasize your commitment to career growth and higher-level positions.

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