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QUESTION: What is the conventional wisdom about putting my vaccine status on my resume?

Kathleen Fuller, LinkedIn LifeSaver

Take your cue from the job listing. If vaccination is required or preferred for the role and you are fully vaccinated, stating this clearly on your resume could give you a competitive edge. If it’s not mentioned, leave it off. If you decide to disclose your status, keep it short and simple. A phrase like “Fully Vaccinated” bolded in your career summary or other prominent location should suffice.

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

Great topic, but there’s really nothing conventional about this topic as mandates change frequently and employers are still deciding how to handle the fallout requiring vaccines in the workplace may cause. If the job posting mentions it, I recommend including it on your resume for ATS purposes. If not, then reserve it for a cover letter, LinkedIn, or interview.

Mary Jo King, Alliance Résumé & Writing Service

It depends. If you’re in a career field where COVID vaccination is likely or explicitly required and you are vaccinated, it makes sense to add it to your resume. If you have strong feelings about living in a safe work environment, it makes sense to add it. Leave it off if you are not vaccinated. Know that whatever you choose to do, some employers may exclude you from the interview process.

Robin Schlinger, Robin's Resumes

If you are vaccinated per your government’s guidelines and are applying for jobs with companies that require vaccines, put it on your resume. This will show you meet the company’s requirements. If you are not vaccinated, do not list it.

Amber Barney

Vaccine status should only be addressed if it is a job description requirement. In this case, your vaccine status CAN be listed in the contact section of your resume. If the job description does not mention vaccine status, do not put it on your resume. However, you may still choose to do so in the cover letter (intro or conclusion) if you feel like it will benefit your application.

Denise Bitler, Resume-Interview Success, LLC

The consensus at this time is that unless the job posting indicates that a potential employee must be vaccinated or the company has publicly announced that all employees must be vaccinated, do not include vaccine status on your resume. If you do include that you are vaccinated, add it at the end of the resume. Do not include status on LinkedIn unless you are in a mandatory vaccine industry.

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