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QUESTION: My last job was mundane (that’s why I left). I have no accomplishments. What do I put on my

Jennifer Grunwald, University of Connecticut

This is where you need to take time to reflect and brainstorm. You may not think you have any accomplishments because day-to-day work becomes routine. Spend some time asking yourself – “What were the tasks I excelled in and why? What would my supervisor say about me? What are my transferrable skills.” Next translate this to your resume sharing your impact in this way.

Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

Everyone has accomplishments! Even in a seemingly mundane job, you probably completed tasks faster or with more precision, effectively saving the company money and time. Try to quantify the percentages behind these successes. You can also describe your communications with team members or ability to satisfy customers, especially if you received recognition from peers or clients.

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

Since you mentioned that your last job was mundane, presumably your other jobs had accomplishments that could be highlighted. However, it is true that your most recent job will likely get the most attention. Work with a career professional and take a deep dive to uncover those aspects of the position that were commendable, including attendance, safety, reliability, projects, or customer relations.

Shanica Roberts, Next Chapter Career Services LLC

Most professionals think that accomplishments are defined by awards, but the truth is that the work that comes effortlessly and seems “mundane” has a profound impact on your company. To find out what your actual accomplishments are, write down your performance goals and whether you met or exceeded them. Quantify your answers as much as possible.

Shoni Bell, Summit Resume Service

If you are still connected with your previous co-workers or supervisors, ask them for insight on what your strengths are and how you made an impact. You will probably be surprised at things you have overlooked! A lot of useful information can be pulled from performance reviews, too. Use this information to start a bullet point with: “Recognized for…”

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