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QUESTION: How do I handle multiple jobs with the same employer on my resume?

Cathy Alfandre

The answer depends on a variety of factors, including how similar the jobs were, how long you held each job, and how close a job is to your career target. If the jobs were similar and reflect a promotion, stack the titles and provide one set of achievement bullets. If the jobs were different, held for many years, and/or highly relevant to your target, present each job with distinct achievements.

Kathy Keshemberg, A Career Advantage

The best way – and most ATS-friendly – is to treat each job as a separate entry, i.e., company name, job title, dates, etc. However, the drawback “on paper” is at first glance it might convey job hopping if the reader doesn’t notice the same company name with multiple positions. To avoid this, list the company name and inclusive dates followed by each job title w/those dates.

Nancy Grant, Regional Career & Employment Services

Depending on how long and how many jobs you’ve had with the same employer, it’s best to start with your most recent title and achievements. Use the employer as your main heading, highlight your current job, and then add the positions and achievements that led there. If one of your biggest accomplishments is from earlier, use it in your profile as a career highlight to make it stand out.

Michelle Dumas, Distinctive Career Services, LLC

If the multiple jobs show a history of progression–not just in job titles, but also responsibilities–it is often a good idea to break each out separately on your resume. This helps showcase your progression. If you have moved through multiple job titles but with little progression, you may want to combine these on your resume. A skilled resume writer can help you decide on the best strategy.

Sally McIntosh, Advantage Resumes of St. Louis

“List the employer only once. For example,

SUPER COMPANY, Anywhere, IL, 2000-Present (total years with the company)
Vice President of Sales, 2015-Present
Insert job description.

Director of Sales, 2010-2015
Insert job description.

Regional Sales Manager, 2005-2010
Insert job description.

Sales Representative, 2000-2005
Insert job description.”

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