I'm trying to interview for a job I tried and failed to get before. How do I handle a second chance?

QUESTION: As a minority job seeker, how can I identify employers with a genuine commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion?


Deirdre Rock, Composed Career, LLC

Many resources can be employed to determine if a company aligns with your values, such as its website, annual report, LinkedIn Premium, and Glassdoor. Review their policies and practices for creating a fair and equitable work environment; these should be transparent. Do they have a DEI Steering Committee? Seek out employee perspectives to gain insight into the company culture; always a true gauge.

Kate Williamson, Scientech Resumes

Start with their website. Is there inclusive imagery? Are they transparent about DEI policies? Dig deeper. Do they have DEI-related posts, events, or employee feedback on social media? The Human Rights Campaign publishes an annual corporate equality index that assesses companies’ adoption of LGBTQ+ inclusion policies. Finally, use the interview to ask specific questions to gauge DEI commitment.

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