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QUESTION: I haven’t looked for a job in over 5 years. What’s changed recently in the job search process?

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

1) More employers are using ATS to scan and score resumes. Check out past “Ask the Experts” articles for great tips on ATS. 2) Tasteful use of color and graphics is now gaining greater acceptance. 3) The fact that strapped HR departments are currently extending fewer interviews… more, not less information and content is needed in order to impress the decision-makers and land a job interview.

Teena Rose

Transparency. The data made available to today’s job seekers is a game-changer. For example, LinkedIn gives job applicants, with a paid membership, benchmarks on how they rank amongst other applicants. LinkedIn scans each applicant’s profile for skills, education, and seniority and compares that to other applicants. This is why having a professionally written LinkedIn profile is so important.

Emily Warthman, Heiro Consulting, LLC

Technology continues to impact the hiring process. Especially due to the pandemic, virtual hiring practices are more widespread. Be prepared for telephone or video interviews. Be sure to have a keyword-optimized, professional, and current LinkedIn profile. Resumes also tend to be more visually-appealing and should be written with ATS-systems and human readers in mind for maximum effectiveness.

Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

LinkedIn is here to stay. If you’ve let your LinkedIn Profile grow stale, update the newly expanded Headline (which all users will see) and About sections, and take the time to set the Open to Work feature. These changes will help your Profile be more searchable by recruiters. Also, post articles and comments of a professional nature, as this will boost your ranking among competing job seekers.

Ruth Pankratz, Gabby Communication

There have been unforeseen significant job market changes in 2020. With an economic shift, more job seekers are applying to open positions. Networking is one of the best ways to learn about job opportunities. Career documents showcasing value, talent, and contributions will differentiate applicants. Video interviews are the norm. Remote work options are discussed and available.

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