I’m not a good writer. I think I should let an AI chatbot write my resume. Can recruiters tell? Do they care?

QUESTION: I’m not a good writer. I think I should let an AI chatbot write my résumé. Can recruiters tell? Do they care?


Jonathan Estreich, Natfluence

Leveraging tech is smart. But—it takes *skill* to stand out when your competitors are using the same tools. A generic or questionable AI-generated resume won’t help you. Recruiters value unique, authentic and committed candidates. Ask yourself: Are you skilled in AI prompting? Can you get further with a professional? How badly do you want the job? Think Big Picture → What is your Ultimate Goal…?

Scot Hulshizer, The Résumé Expert

Using AI can expedite the writing process, but in most cases, candidates should not rely solely on AI-generated content. Your resume is more than a collection of facts—it also tells a story of who you are as a professional and how you will solve the employer’s need or problem. Recruiters care about finding the right candidate for the role, and telling that story often requires a human touch.

Edward Lawrence, Getstarted LLC

AI is not good at writing either. It borrows, steals, and fabricates. So, don’t use AI to write your original content. Best practice is to write your content and ask the AI how it would make it better. Check the results; use the best parts. Experienced recruiters can discern when AI wrote original content. Whether they care or not, your resume probably won’t stand out.

Jaime Chambron , Career Agility System

Just like professors can tell when a student paper was written by AI, recruiters can tell when a candidate resume used AI. They will be concerned about the accomplishments listed. Did you really make those impacts? If you are struggling to write a professional resume, consider hiring a certified resume writer to help either write it or perform final copy editing of one you draft.


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