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QUESTION: I have been working remotely from home for years and love it. Now, as I seek new employment, how do I suggest taking the new position remotely too?

Emily Warthman, Heiro Consulting, LLC

Unless WFH ability is a deal breaker, tread carefully during the hiring and onboarding process. When making a request, it’s best to present the value, or business case, for the organization, not just how it benefits you. Anticipate typical employer concerns, such as technology costs and how productivity will be maintained. Also, it may be easier to obtain buy-in for a couple of remote days/week.

Laura Smith-Proulx, An Expert Resume

First, document your proficiency as a remote worker; add metrics on the work completed, promotions earned, or special projects taken on while telecommuting. Note these achievements in your interviews and cover letters: “I’ve shown high productivity in remote work; I can help decrease facilities costs while meeting your needs.” Reassure employers you’re also willing to work on-site as needed.

Camille Roberts, CC Career Services

Establish trust first. Employers want to make sure that you are being honest with your time. Prepare your proposal to provide evidence of completing your work on time, with little supervision, and efficiently. Ensure that any distractions won’t derail the work getting the work done. Be willing to have your time tracked. You might offer to work remotely on a trial basis and evaluate after 30 days.

Louise Duffield

It starts with negotiation. Ask your new employer by stating the benefits that remote working will bring to the new position, this could be stronger morale or increased productivity. You need to have a clear and concise plan drawn up to show your employer how the remote working will work. For example, show how you intend to communicate with co-workers through digital tools.

Edward Lawrence, Getstarted LLC

The pandemic has rewritten the workplace manual. Companies are now very receptive to employees working remotely, especially if it will save them money.  So, when you discuss your current work, simply mention how productive you are working remotely and how it saves money for the employer. There’s a good chance the interviewer will love the idea and want to implement it.

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