I’ve targeted a company I really want to work for, so I’m applying for multiple jobs. Is that okay? Do I have to use the same resume or should I change it each time?

QUESTION: After 10 years in my industry, I am ready for a management role. How do I “sell” myself as manager-capable on my resume without the experience?


Stacie Fehrm, Stacie Writes Resumes

Concisely describe your leadership skills in the profile summary. Then prove it with accomplishments under “Experience”. Dig deep and find examples of how you stepped up and contributed to the company’s success; when you made decisions, took initiative, conceived and implemented new ideas, resolved problems, and/or helped co-workers.

Kate Williamson, Scientech Resumes

Position yourself for the role you want, not the one you have. Highlight career success stories emphasizing your leadership, communication, and teamwork skills and achievements that show how you will be successful at the management level. These examples could include special projects, a progressive record of advancement, leadership/management courses, training/coaching/mentorship experience, etc.

Cathy Lanzalaco, Inspire Careers

Management roles require strong people skills and the ability to build teams and develop others. To position yourself as a manager, consider the impact and influence you have exercised working in teams and integrate those skills into your resume. Demonstrate your commitment to learning what it takes to be successful as a manager, take a new manager training course and add it to your resume.

Nancy Grant, Regional Career & Employment Services

When it comes time to take the next level in your career, your resume needs to highlight any and all management related tasks you have been specifically assigned and the outcomes you achieved. Were you selected to lead a team project because your manager relies on the strengths you offer? Excellent! Anything that shows leadership and supervision are the key to taking that next step.

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