As a woman, how should I present my achievements on my resume to counter the gender pay gap?

QUESTION: As a woman, how should I present my achievements on my resume to counter the gender pay gap?


Donna Tucker, CareerPRO Resume Center

Sad that this is still an issue. Start by targeting companies with equal opportunity track records. Use gender-neutral language in your resume —perhaps, even using initials instead of female first name. Then, of course, highlight relevant experience with quantifiable accomplishments/results and leadership roles, emphasizing professional contributions and merit. Prove your merit then negotiate your worth.

Brenda Mariah, Push Career Management, LLC

Pay gap or not, your accomplishments should be front loaded, showing right at the start how your efforts made money, saved time, or grew the bottom line. The best place to secure competitive pay is in your later salary negotiation, but your resume should make it clear that hiring you adds monetary and quality value to the organization. Please stop only listing your responsibilities and cease using diluted language, like “supported.” It is crucial for you to provide evidence that what you bring IS valuable.

Jaime Chambron , Career Agility System

It does not matter what your gender is in writing a resume. All resumes need to provide key accomplishments in the summary, then position specific accomplishments. Remember to lead with the result, then note the action, who or what was done, and how or why it was done.


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