QUESTION: I’ve seen a lot of career professionals talk about the ATS. Can you explain what it is?

Angela Watts, MyPro Resumes

Applicant Tracking Systems are technology currently being used by 98% of Fortune 500 companies and about 80% of all companies to screen candidates. This software enables organizations to quickly filter hundreds of applicants into a short list of qualified candidates based on proprietary or system-standard algorithms. Most are scanning for keywords and years of experience for a specific role.

Grant Cooper, Strategic Resumes & Business Plans

Mid- to large-sized companies can no longer budget the resources to physically read all incoming resumes. Most now rely on ATS (applicant tracking system) software using OCR (optical character reader) technology to scan incoming resumes, hunt for keywords and phrases, and assign scores for decision makers based on relevancy. These rankings can be the critical factor in landing a job interview.

Robert Rosales, EZ Resume Services

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems are used to receive, review and store resumes. In the process, ATS systems also filter candidates OUT. The ATS system reads your resume and compares it to the job description. If your resume is not ATS friendly or keyword optimized to the job description, you will be filtered-out before a human ever reads it – regardless of your qualifications.

Brenda Bernstein, The Essay Expert LLC

Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) are computerized systems that companies use to evaluate job candidates. They are not always the best judge, but as job seekers we need to deal with them. You must make sure your resume is compatible with ATS and that the software can read everything properly. This does not mean you can’t have any formatting in your resume. Read articles about ATS to learn more!

Kathy Keshemberg, A Career Advantage

ATS is software that many companies use to scan resumes to select the candidates that best match the criteria for a job they wish to fill. The cost of this software has dropped making it an affordable option for companies of all size. It is important that the keywords for the job to be filled are included in your resume. Where to find keywords? The job posting is the best source.

Edward Lawrence, Getstarted LLC

ATS–Applicant Tracking Software—enables companies to inspect a large quantity of résumés and either accept them for further review (by humans) or reject them. Companies add positions/jobs to the ATS database and set rules that designate a match. The ATS compares submitted résumés to the database, usually looking for “key words.” This process has led to an emphasis on customizing resumes.

Donna Tucker, CareerPRO Resume Center

ATS (applicant tracking software) can be your best friend or greatest nightmare. ATS offers companies the hiring tools to save time and money in identifying the strongest candidates. Apply to a job board and your resume is scanned by bots before it reaches human beings—technology mines the resume for designated keywords to determine if you meet their requirements.

Cathy Miclat, Resumes by DM2 Consulting

The ATS is an ‘Applicant Tracking System’ which is a candidate resume database. Companies use the ATS to search key words when filling positions and each company has a different way of searching the database. When you apply online for a job and you submit your resume, you are including it in their ATS. Use key words matching the position you are seeking so you can be identified as a candidate.

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